The smartphone is the best invention ever made, but 2009 acura tsx technology package it is not safe at all. All you have to do is to carry a phone and leave it unattended. You will be shocked to know that people are unaware of smartphone dangers. They will think that it is safe because it has the latest technology.

You must know that smartphones are dangerous for your health and the environment.

Here are the most dangerous technology tips:

Always use protective cases.

The best protection you can get is a good protective case for your smartphone. It is advisable to get a case because the phone’s screen is vulnerable and can be broken easily.

Use it wisely

Please don’t keep your smartphone in your pocket because it can easily break the screen. Instead, store it in the bag or desk and keep it there.

Remove the battery

When storing the smartphone in the desk or bag, ensure the battery is removed. You can charge your phone using a power bank or a charging station.

Store the charger

If you are traveling and don’t have electricity access, then you need to store the charger somewhere. Make sure that the battery is removed before you store it.


These are the dangerous technology tips that you must follow. So, please don’t keep your phone anywhere you can’t see. It would help if you kept it in your hand and only used it when necessary.