We all love to use the internet to watch our favourite TV shows and movies. Yes, it is the best option for everyone, which is why it has become common among people. But, there are still many people who don’t own any television, and they are living with others in their houses. If you are one of them, I would say it is the best time for you to buy a television and enjoy Disney plus.com/begin TV your favourite shows and movies.

The internet is a blessing, but we must pay a lot when accessing television shows and movies. It is not the only problem, but it is the only thing that we cannot avoid. As we are living in a world full of technology, it has made our life easier. We no longer need to carry the DVD disc and can easily download our favourite shows and movies.

In recent years, there have been a lot of streaming services available, and one of the best options for everyone is Disney Plus. Now, if you are wondering how to download Disney Plus apps on Roku TV, here is the complete guide.

Steps to Download Disney plus Apps on Roku TV

  • Download Roku channel

It is the first step you must take, which is very simple. Go to the Roku website and search for the Disney plus channel. After that, it will show you a list of all the channels compatible with the Roku. Select the channel and then click on the download icon.

  • Create an account

It is the second thing that you need to do. Now, go to the website and create a new account. It will ask you to enter the email address, username and password. It will also ask you for your mobile number if you want to receive notifications about the movies and shows that you have downloaded.

  • Install the app

Now, open the Disney Plus app and install it on your device. There is no need to download the app, so go ahead and download it.

  • Start downloading

It is the final step that you need to do. You need to select the shows and movies that you want to download. It will ask you to choose from different categories, such as kids, family, sports, drama, comedy, etc. You will also find a selection of different seasons of shows.


It is straightforward to download Disney Plus apps on Roku TV. You don’t need to do anything else. Just follow the instructions, and you can download it without any hassle. If you want to download Disney Plus apps on Roku TV, please let me know in the comment section.