The Columbus Humanities, Arts & Technology Academ (CHA Tech) is a public charter high school in Columbus, OH. CHA Tech was founded in 2007. The students of CHA Tech come from all over the Columbus area and the surrounding suburbs. The students in the school come from diverse backgrounds, yet they share the same passion for education.

The mission of CHA Tech is to prepare students for college and life beyond high school. Students in the school are encouraged to reach their full potential by providing a solid foundation of knowledge and skills through rigorous academics, character development and leadership training.

The teachers at CHA Tech are committed to their students and their success. They work together to provide an environment that will allow the students to succeed in all aspects of life. They are dedicated to instilling values and character into each student.

The staff at CHA Tech strive to provide the students with a safe, supportive, and engaging learning environment that fosters the individual strengths and talents of each student. The staff also aims to encourage self-discipline, responsibility, integrity, leadership, and student service.