Safeguards for using technology have become a part of our life. If you have a smartphone, you might have started using this technology. Technology has become a part of our lives today, and we need to safeguard our devices and personal information.

The use of technology has increased a lot, so the risk factor has also increased. You might be a regular technology user, but do you know how to safeguard your devices and data?

1. Use strong passwords

Password is the first line of defense regarding safeguarding your device and data. Always keep a strong password for your device, and never share your password.

2. Avoid free Wi-Fi

If you use free Wi-Fi hotspots, then there is a chance that viruses and malware may infect your device. You need to pay attention while choosing free Wi-Fi hotspots.

3. be cautious while using social media

We use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other apps to get connected to people. But sometimes, you need to be careful while using these apps. There is a chance that your device might be hacked and your personal information could be stolen.

4. Keep your phone in a safe place

If you leave your device anywhere, then there is a chance that someone might steal it. Keep your phone in a safe place where no one can access it.

5. Lock your phone screen

Locking your phone screen will ensure that your personal information won’t get leaked. You can close the screen using a pattern, pin code, or password.

6. Backup your data

It is essential to back up your device and data. So, if you lose your data, you can recover it quickly.


These are the best precautions you need to take while using technology. So, if you want to keep your device and data safe, these are the steps you need to follow.