A giant once attacked a man who was the ruler of a country, and the giant killed him. He was buried in the ground, and his son was born at that moment. The ruler’s son grew up and wanted to make the same mistake as his father by ruling over the country.

This son was named Eren Jaeger, and he was an orphan. As he grew up, he started to study hard, and one day he became a soldier. He was able to kill the enemy, and it was very satisfying for him. But when he returned home, he found that his father was still alive. He went to the palace and found that his father lived in a big room.

Eren was shocked and started asking his father questions, but his father was in a coma and couldn’t answer. He felt sad and decided to go back to his army. After some time, his father woke up. And the story of the attack on titan continued.

Attack on titan season 4, episode 4 – When you are not satisfied

The son of the ruler had a lot of anger inside him. He hated the king and thought that his father was wrong to rule over the country.

He went to the palace and demanded that the king should step down. The king was not happy to see this and ordered his soldiers to kill the son. Eren resisted them, and he fought the king. He didn’t know that he could defeat the king.

But the king escaped, and Eren was captured and brought to the dungeon. He had a tough time, but he kept on fighting. He defeated the leader of the army, and he was released from jail.

He asked the king to step down and said he would kill the king if he didn’t. But the king told him he was just a boy and could not do anything. So Eren left the palace and started to fight against the army.

Attack on titan season 4, episode 4 – When you are not satisfied

Eren outnumbered the army, and he defeated all of them and destroyed the army. He was angry, and he wanted to kill the king. But the king said that he would leave the country. He will give the throne to Eren.

But Eren said that he would take the throne only when the king died. The king realized that Eren was a monster, so he committed suicide by jumping into the sea.

Eren and the king died together in the water. Eren became the country’s ruler, and he promised to destroy all the monsters.


Attack on titan season 4 episodes 4 is not a comedy, but it is a real drama. The characters are not comic, and you will feel like you are watching a movie. You will also get the feeling that you are watching a horror movie.